Poems Online

Featured Poems, FALL 2021

Greeting the Monarchs, The Lizards of Amherst, Were-Jaguar  American Journal of Poetry

A Selection

A Spell for Lamentation and Renewal  New York Encounter Poetry Contest, 2019

From Desire: a Bestiary [Magnificent Frigate-Bird]  Verse Daily

The Underground Tour  New Criterion

A Word the Romans Used  First Things

The Sugar Thief  Poetry Foundation 

Stella’s Children Look Out from a Photo Faded Gold  The Common

East of Tin Pan Alley  String Poet

Musicology  Delaware Poetry Review (Prince issue)

Live from the Dakota,  Major Tom and David Bowman,  Glory-of-the-Seas,  On Trial for an Imaginary Murder  Alabama Literary Review

Fire Victim  American Life in Poetry 

Holy Wars for Us  Verse Daily 

Text and Flame  Scoundrel Time

On Misreading the Coronavirus Designation as CORVID-19   Black Earth Institute blog

The Lunar Deniers   Light

On Goodbyes  Valparaiso Poetry Review 

Near Halloween  American Arts Quarterly

Remembrances of Yours  Per Contra

Dark Horse  Baltimore Review 

Sea Star  Ecotone

The Bees: a Fable   Christian Century

Miraculous Spirals    Literary Matters

Poetry Feature with brief autobiographical essay

For a Mother Born During the Great War, A New Moon for Neptune, Wren  Italian Americana 

Politics in Poetry

National Disgrace  Original song and YouTube slideshow

Predictions for the President-Elect  Poets Reading the News

Crybully  Rattle: Poets Respond

Tr*mp in Triumph  The New Verse News

Dream Songs for the Governor of Michigan  The New Verse News

Cell Phones Lifted in a Public Square  Poets Reading the News

Post-Truth Villanelle  The New Verse News

The Dark  What Rough Beast/Indolent Books

Featured image: “Velo de luto [Mourning veil],” 2020 (magicicada wings, sewn with hair): Selva Aparicio; art photographed by Robert Chase Heishman