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Featured image: detail from “The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus Discovered by Alexander the Great”; folio from a Falnama (Book of Omens): ca. 1550s, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Featured Poem, Fall 2020

This season’s featured poem is a song I wrote and recorded for Election Year 2020.

National Disgrace

The lies, once so outrageous

Soon became a point of view

Believed as much as proven fact

The most believed, least true

His former foes paid homage

To the powers he abused

Or ended up in exile: blamed,

Insulted & accused…


There’s a time for action

& a time to bear the weight

A time to ask for guidance

& a time to keep the faith

A time to gather in the streets

& make our voices heard

A time to cast our ballots

& to have the final word

More lyrics below the YouTube screen at link

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